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Brittle nails: 6 tips to strengthen them naturally

Whatever the season, an unbalanced diet or poor maintenance can contribute to making nails weaker, more brittle, even splitting. How can you strengthen them? Here are the best natural tips for beautiful, strong nails!

1-Brewer’s yeast


Brewer’s yeast is the star of nail care, and for good reason: when it comes to nail care, brewer’s yeast is a nugget. This fungus can be found in capsules, powder or flakes, and thanks to its nutritional richness, it strengthens the nails and makes them less brittle. But that’s not all! Between vitamin B8 and keratin synthesis, brewer’s yeast serves both to prepare the nails for daily aggressions, and to repair them by making them stronger.

Brewer’s yeast recipe against brittle nails:
You can mix a little brewer’s yeast powder with its equivalent in warm water. Leave the mixture on your nails for a few minutes. Result: faster regrowth, less streaky nails, and a beneficial effect on nail health.

2-Coconut oil


If we appreciate it particularly for its light and atypical taste, the coconut remains an ideal ingredient to take care of its nails, in particular in the form of oil. Indeed, thanks to its nutritive richness, it allows to strengthen the nails naturally, while avoiding the appearance of mushrooms and other inconveniences. To use it, you just have to take a small knob of it in your hands, to warm it up delicately, and to massage each nail for a few minutes. A sort of self-massage, with real results!

3-The castor oil


In the same way as coconut oil, castor oil is a great ally in preventing brittle nails. While it is often known to support the beauty of hair, it is also perfect for nourishing the fingertips, especially thanks to its richness in vitamin E and fatty acids. A nourishing oil, whose texture can be used as a mask on the nails. For best results, leave castor oil on your fingers overnight. The next day, they will be nourished, moisturized and naturally stronger!

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